Payment Gateways

Sage Pay

Making it safe and easy for your customers to pay you is essential and Sage Pay recognise that every successful business needs a healthy flow of customers and money – which is why they deliver secure and efficient payment services that will help to increase cash-flow and improve your bottom line.

Sage Pay process millions of secure payments each month for over 30,000 businesses with customers ranging from startups through to major online, consumer and business brands. We integrate Sage Pay services from the very simple to the most sophisticated solutions, so no matter how your business changes or grows, our solutions will make money move quickly and securely from your customers through to you.

Barclaycard ePDQ

Barclaycard is one of the largest payment processors in the UK and is a trusted provider with over 40 years experience in dealing with companies of all sizes. Barclaycard ePDQ, is a fast, simple, reliable and fully secure way for your customers to pay online.

Our comprehensive ecommerce tool provides secure payment pages which capture your customers card details in real time, allowing you to trade day and night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. You can accept all major credit card types with state of the art tracking & transaction management tools along with comprehensive fraud tools and authentication, all of which are easy to use.