Web Strategy to turn your ideas in booming business

A corporate website design should be professional, attractive, mission oriented and should convey business message at a single glance. In the similar vein, development architecture should allow an easy navigation all across the website without any confusion. A company’s website is its investment with definite objectives, which if implemented with right people and right tools, translates into measurable results for the organization. In Polani Global Technologies, we showcase your brand identity for cultivating powerful relationships with your target audience. Take a look at our web portfolio to see how we plan, create, build, maintain and market your online presence.

Online Web Development Services –

Web Development and Corporate Site Design – With us, you get best quality flash, ecommerce, php web development, corporate website development, corporate website designing and creative Web Page designing services at affordable prices. You can easily feel the difference between PGT and other website development companies.

Website Revamp/Redesign – Look your best with fresh website – In fast moving business world, it’s imperative that your website remains up to date with current internet trends and surfer expectations. Our web maintenance packages and competitive rates provide everything you need for dependable web solutions.

Multimedia Solutions – Welcome to the segment of flash websites, animation, corporate flash videos and presentation development! Cutting edge tools and techniques comprising multimedia applications are used to develop world class pages for your website.

Make yourself visible all over with Social Media or Web 2.0 – Jump on the Social Media bandwagon with Polani Global Technologies. We help you leverage the new paradigm, Social Media for amplifying your marketing message all over the web.

Online Marketing or promotion – Online marketing or web promotions are a strategic mix of various promotional tools and techniques. Our web promotional experts chart out the most powerful online marketing campaign for you out of web marketing maze.

Effective methodologies for customer acquisition through online promotion are –

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is quite dynamic industry. With the passage of time, Search Engine patterns are changing and are adopting more user friendly approach. Due to this gradual shift in focus of the search engines with its ranking algorithm, the web world today are facing much competitions to come up to the desired standards of ranking over search engine results. At Polani Golbal Technologies, we believe that SEO for website promotion is an art and a science. Our professional SEO experts work deicatedly on deep planning, analyzing and monitoring specific keywords for different webpages.

All our efforts are geared towards efficient analysis of nature of your business and to formulate best ways to attract potential clients and customers towards your Business website. This will not only ensure you a successful result but also make a sustainable impact of the promotion for a longer period of time. PGT has garnered extensive experience in internet website promotion and we understand there is no short cuts to success.

Social Media Optimization or (SMO)

TGYF( Twitter, Google, You Tube and Facebook) is all smart web marketers and corporate leaders are talking about these days. Businesses are operating in an era of social media. Polani Global Technologies helps you to effectively adopt the new paradigm, social media in order to amplify your marketing message all over significant social media outlets on world wide web. A few years back, a business without a website was considered nearly an extinct entity. In the modern times, the same goes for a business without social media presence.

We help you to create your brand and also increase your brand visibility on all online social networking websites. Our services include several marketing methods such as RSS feeds submission, blogging article submission. social book marking and article/press release submission are typically used in SMO to drive targeted traffic from sources other than search engines. PGT social media optimization(SMO) services make your website a familiar name in the social media sphere.

Pay Per Click Services or (PPC)

Pay per click(PPC) services are an important component of your online advertising campaign. Whenever customer types a relevant keyword phrase on search engine, businesses want to show their ad on the first page or near the top. We offer you effective pay per click services at affordable rates. The best way to increase your brand visibility is to combine pay per click services with SEO, also known as search engine optimization.

We deliver Internet promotional services with utmost loyal customer service. During your association with us, you will get genuine customers, not just casual web surfers. Our work approach involves brainstorming, dedicated research of your domain and implementation of optimized campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad text.

Besides, successful PPC, we include the essential SEO for your campaign, which is based on our extensive research of your product or service. We estimate highly relevant keywords needed for page content which increases your website traffic manifold.

All these practices are critical for your success, and we strive for our customers’ satisfaction. Because when you succeed, we succeed through your referrals.

Animation Services (2-D and 3-D) – You can now use animation services to leave lasting impression on an audience, to explain complex issues or to simply stimulate your customers with convincing presentations. Whatever be your purpose, we deliver best animation services using both 2D and 3D computer graphics. From the initial process of understanding your concept through post production, we work with you during the entire process to amplify your marketing message and to realize your visionary goals.

Call centre office establishment – A call centre can be complex, technologically sophisticated or simple operation, depending on the need of organization. We offer end to end call centre office establishment services starting from the basics such as space, layout, design to the use of technology, devices (both for inbound and outbound call centres) depending on the genuine business requirement. These comprehensive call centre office establishment solutions are available at competitive prices.

Call centers and customer contact centers play a critical role to meet the requirements of several organizations. While establishing a call centre, practical establishment factors such as telecommunications, facilities are considered significant. PGT provide complete range of call centre telecommunications technology, equipments and services (such as configuring VOIP, PBX and implementation of other network topologies. We blend a set of integrated contact centre communication products that allow you to leverage the customer interaction experience. Our servers(email and linux) provide clear strategic advantages and deliver better business benefits. Our configured technology platforms ensure seamless automated and call centre communication. These services are tailor made towards maximizing operator revenue, and range from Voice SMS to Professional Services for customer applications.

Easy Fair Management Software – Nowadays, it is utmost important to have a corporate website. However, managing a website can be quite daunting task which will need dedicated resources who can handle upgrade and regular updations.
If you are running an online business, Easy fair Management can be an asset for your organization. Marketers and exhibitors can now change prices on their website in a hassle free way. It saves their precious time and streamlines their business process like never before.

Easy Fair Management is a simple way to –

– Mention entries, exhibitors, premiums

– Embodies strict security controls

– Saves you from hassle of managing minor functions

– Cost effective and gives results in short time frame

Polani Global Technologies has implemented online marketing campaigns for numerous clients successfully offering far-reaching impacts on their customer acquisition, overall revenue and brand enhancement. Please contact us to allow us to understand your business requirements and formulate effective promotional plan for you.