PGT work Culture

I.T Infrastructure

We as an extended part of such a trusted name in the business industry make sure to provide best of the I.T infrastructure solutions for our clients. We understand what it means to be the best when it comes to business competition.

To render the most beneficial services we have a team of some of the most apt I.T professionals who have garnered years of experience in the I.T field.

We offer expert digital technology consulting, solutions to ascertain that whatever we do; we live up to our promises and boost return on your investments.

Our main motto is to provide our customers with low-priced technology solutions, excellent customers support and full satisfaction.

Setup Network

Our range of networking solutions is not much, but is enough to satisfy all requirements of your business. Our talented employees are masters when it comes to Web Designing, Web Development, Deploying and its maintenance. Our networking partnering with CISCO, HP, Krone, AMP (TYCO), Dlink, and Belkin help us to stand on our words when it comes to accomplish our promise.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing service is one of the best gifts given to us by technology and plays a very vital role in today’s business world. It enables people in distinct locations to participate in meetings on short notice, with money and time savings.

We do understand the importance of this service and that is why we bring you an entire range of liquid crystal display (LCD), Audio & Video conferencing solutions via Canon, Epson, Samsung, Tandberg and Polycom

Servers & storages

Server Solutions:

We supply the entire range of high execution and best performance ‘server solutions’ from our esteemed partners like IBM and HP

Click here for IBM Server Solutions details.

Click here for HP Server Solutions details.

Storage Solutions:

We also provide authentic products for storage and data backup management to store all your important data at one place, from simple DAS (direct attached storage) solution to a complex SAN (storage area network). Our esteemed partners are HP, IBM, EMC and Symantec.

Click here for IBM Server Solutions details.

Click here for HP Server Solutions details.

Mobility Solutions

Our Mobility services enable you to contact with your employees, partners and customers 24*7. By which you can alleviate your customers with anytime, anywhere contextual confabulations and can bring computing and data to your finger tip at the time of requirement.

Data Center

For all organizational operations, IT operations are an essential aspect. If any system crashes or becomes unavailable, company operations may come to halt completely and that is why PGT brings you Data Center service to minimize any chance of disruption to your business. Our Data Center service includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.

I.T Asset Audit

Business firms are always huge and require lots of inventory on every stage, due to which most of businesses are not even aware of how much armory do they have to facilitate this most important aspect of business PGT I.T asset audit team works constantly. Our team provides our customers with full specifications of their inventory and also provides details about software assets.

I.T Help Desk

We have proper help desk to provide information and assistance when it comes to solving your queries and troubles with computers. Main focus of our help desk is to satisfy client’s to the fullest and to ensure that SLA’s are met. You can contact us for the same by going to our website or via e-mail.

Auto Recovery

Our team at PGT always makes sure to keep your business record up- to- date as per the everyday advancing business market, so as to satisfy your Information and infrastructure needs. We know that trusting a machine is like trusting your enemy cum friend and today no business can be set up on paper work. Computers play a very important role today, but we also know that you can loose your most important data by just clicking a wrong tab. Thus our Auto Recovery service makes sure to salvage you from such situations. We can get all our servers not only virtualized but backed up in real time and that to affordably.

We also provide POCs (Proof of Concepts)

Break Fix

Annual Maintenance Contract/ Break Fix Support

We cover the break fix maintenance for desktops, laptops, servers and printers and other peripherals and also provide backup units when necessitated.

Anti Virus

It is very known among every I.T professional that Virus menace is the worst scourge that I.T industry can confront.

Our Antivirus management covers desktops, laptops and servers of our client’s organization and makes sure to manage it so that it cannot affect your business in any case.

Backup & Restore

Keeping Backup of data in an organized manner is a necessity for every business enterprise.

It is important to understand that backing up is a process which needs to be done consistently.

We at PGT empathize the importance of backup and restoration and thus provide services for the same.